Future Ancestors

Future Ancestors is a short performance art piece that addresses disconnection from the land, from our selves, and from our communities. 

Artist MZIV is inspired by the Murdered Missing Indigenous Women and Two Spirits Epidemic (MMIWG2) that this country is experiencing and overlooking every day. The intention is to not only honor the Indigenous land, but bring awareness and invoke individuals to take action to create a better world. 

Narrated by MZIV, a character from the future, this engaging performance will educate community members through dance, music, and lyrics, while weaving in community activists of many generations.

"We can tell our stories, we will sing our songs, we can build a new world, with our many voices, Her Many Voices."

This piece will bring awareness and honor the indigenous ways incorporating the medicine wheel of life to honor our ancestors from all backgrounds.

Infused with emotion and intention from every angle, it gives a voice to the voiceless.

“We encourage people to use their voice, use their vote and form a bond of compassion in a time of a divided country. We will honor the women who continue to go missing both from our communities and from police data with a moment of silence. We build the mindset of a fire that unites our traditions for all Future Ancestors.”

For media inquiries or further information, please contact: Andrea Viarrial-Murphy | Andrea@ADreProdcutions.com |720.620.0790

About MZIV

MZIVEY is a young performance artist, singer, visionary director, and musical storyteller. Originally working as a songwriter, band leader, turned music educator in the Denver area with nonprofits like Youth on Record. In 2013 Ivey became the Art Education Director for Her Many Voices Foundation, a Humanitarian Foundation Focused on the Empowerment and Sustainability of women and children. She travels internationally learning and mentoring youth lead activism, has built her skills both professionally and expanded her performance palate toward doing political theatrical performances. 

Working alongside with Indigenous world and community mentors, Ivey presents an interactive performance piece honoring the land and life cycle.  Educating about the the missing and murdered Indigenous epidemic being overlooked in our country. The heart beat in all of the original songs written and produced by MZIVEY aka Melissa Ivey will unite the fire in our hearts as children of Mother Earth, build a plan for our collective future worth being proud of, and honor ourselves as future ancestors to be called upon for generations to come.



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